Fellow Communards and Communal Fellows (2019)

Fellow Communards & Communal Fellows is a variety of printed objects reflecting almost entirely on the the social and political landscape of Los Angeles. Items in the collection were created by the artist and activist members and friends of the LA based Llano Del Rio Collective. Items include maps, photographs, spoke cards, postcards, zines, and other printed ephemera. They span a 19-year history of Los Angeles based artists and activists tactically engaging with issues of spacial justice. These projects continue to be relevant to local and international political movements. They address issues such as immigration, refugees, the commons, gentrification, militarization, and autonomous power. Includes works by:Lisa Anne Auerbach,) Kaucyila Brooke, City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division, Sandra de la Loza, The Llano Del Rio Collective, Elana Mann, The Community of Bourj Al Shamali, Kelly Marie Martin with Joe Linton, Hillary Mushkin, Lize Mogel , Jed Parriott and Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal with the LA Tenants Union and Democratic Socialists of America, Erin Schneider,  and Rosten Woo with Little Tokyo Service Center. 

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