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Counter Signals 5
The De-school Primer, The Portola Network, Avant-garde Art, and the Education of the Cybernetic Body (2024)

Left Art Review
An Avoidable Contradiction: A review of Machine In Flames (2024)

East Of Borneo

68/99 (2023)
Ceremony Of Us (2014)

Los Angeles Review of Books
City Choreographer: Lawrence Halprin In Urban Renewal America (2015)

KCET Artbound (2012 - 2015)
What Will The Women's Center For Creative Work Be?
Will Art School Adjuncts Unionize?*
Can Creative Practice Gentrify Creative Practice?
Animal Charm's Underground Film and Sculpture
The Art of Katie Grinnan: Perception in a Changing Universe
Exploring the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives
L.A. Artists and the ‘Squareness’ of Clay
Who Makes Art About Climate Change?
We Are Becoming: Artist Organized Spaces In Los Angeles
In Utero: Six Twelve One By One
The Puppets Are You: almighty Opp
Notorious Possession: Occupying Foreclosed Homes With Art*

Eternal Retirement Home for Artists To Be Built On Salton Sea Property: WTF, LOLZ

Graphic Designers of the L.A. Art World

Does MOCA Need a Mascot?
The Worker’s Rug: Fine Art From Day Labor*
The Past In the Present: The Sunland Hog Farm Commune

Robby Herbst: My SoCal Art History
KChung Radio is a Sound Sensation
Could an Artists’ Union Occupy L.A.?
California Hot Tubbing: An Oral History of the Steam Egg*

*denotes that story was developed into documentary for television broadcast

Journal of Aesthetics and Protest (2001- 2010, 2020)
Issues 1,2,3,4,6,7

Afterall Magazine 
ABC West: On Playgrounds and Andrea Zittell (2011)

127 Prince Street
Social Art, Ambiguity, Oil, Critique, Compromise, and Los Angeles Art Museums