Major publication projects, mail art, distinct printed objects. Text image and paper.

Llano Del Rio Guides (2010–2023)

Guides include:
Street Food Portfolio
Compassion and Self Deception: A Guide To LA’s Moral Crisis
Rebel City Los Angeles
Power Points (with Rosten Woo)
Utopias of SoCal
An Antagonist’s Guide To The Assholes Of LA
Scores For The City
A Map For An Other LA 

The Llano Del Rio Collective aims to expand cultural, social, and political imagination of Los Angeles through the production of thematic guides, related events and the hosting of a speakers bureau. We aim to frame practices, rather then be a practice. The collective is engaged in prefigurative research.

See also: Compassion and Self DeceptionFellow Communards and Communal Fellows

Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (2001–2010)

Co-founder and editor (2001–2010) of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest.

Venice Beach Biannual (2012)

Venice's Beach Biannual 2012 is a collabortive publication by Lisa Anne Auerbach, Kimberly Varella and myself. It was produced on the occasion of the Hammer Museum's Venice Beach Biennial, curated by Ali Subotnick.

You can view the entire publication here.

Critical Practice Notes (2016–2019)

Critical Practice Notes is a low-fi print-only newsletter, available through the US Postal Service. It lays between mail art and art writing. The letter contains unique writing, essays, interviews, and ephemera. The letter explores the nature of a critical creative practice in the era of cognitive capitalism.

Individuals my subscribe to CPNotes by contacting the publisher at Back issues are also available.

CPNotest 1 Fall 2016

Introductory Note - Editor
On Critical Practice - Dont Rhine
Divestment Club Report Back - with Carolyn Caycedo, Elena Bajo, and Cori Redstone,
Not An Alternative, Critical Practice Interview
Ephemera Corner - Editor

CPNotes 2 Winter 2017

Introductory Note - Editor
Intro + Critical Practice Interview, Alan Moore
Leslie Dryer. Folks Need to Train Up- interview
Cheetoh Confidential - Marc Herbst
The Meow On Top Of Mount Washington - Interview with Lisa Anne Auerbach
Cheetoh Confidential - Nicholas Lampert
Cheetoh Confidential - A.L. Steiner
Ephemera Corner - Josh Macphee

CPNotes 3 Spring 2017

Introductory Note - Editor
What's The Recipe For A Municipal Movement - Interview with Zemos 98
The Organizers of Denmark's Trampoline House - Interview with Morton Goll
Illustrations by Social Emergency Resource Center
Ephemera Corner - Jessica Fleischmann

CPNotes 4 Fall 2017

Lessons As Art, Intro Note - Editor
On The Breakdown Break Down - interview with Brett Bloom
taisha pagget : A Movement Of Technicolor People - Interview
Supercuts - contributions by Sarah Ross, Ryan Griffis, Carol Zou, Caroline Wollard, and Jennifer Moon.
Ephemera Corner- The Center For Tactical Magic

CPNotes 5 Winter 2018/2019

A short reconsideration of vanguards in relationship to the writing of Marc James Leger, and an appeal for anti-fascist study group. Also mimes discomfort you.

CPNotes 6 Spring 2019

A single critical essay about navel space's (LA) Assemblies project in light of Hardt+Negri and Butler's recent Assemblies book titles through the lens of antifascist aesthetics.

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