Reading Ours (2018–2019)

Reading Ours is a micro-gallery celebrating the book, published objects, the history of publication, and the reader. It’s a place for big ideas from a small garage in Los Angeles.

Reading Ours is interested in an effective object, an issue, a book, a magazine, issues, books, magazines, micro-cultures, subcultures, countercultures, the worlds and networks distribution defines and makes.

Exhibtions Hosted:
Operation Manual For The World’s Largest Paper Spaceship – Zephyros Learning Exchange and The Whole Earth Educational Network

Landfill – Selections From the Social Practice Archive 2011-2014

The Making of Past/Forward – The LA Phil at 100 (organized by Kimberly Varella)

Millie Wilson – Errors of Nature (organized by David Evans Franz)

Sunny Mirrors, Marc Allen and Emily Joyce

Pochette D’Allumette – A Matchbook Collection

 Zen Anarchist Garage Sale – Sam Gould

See also: Operation Manual for the Worlds Largest Paper Spaceship

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